Welcome to Quinography, home of photography by Quin Murray

Contact for prints: qmurray@quinography.com


 – Photographer in Residence for the Royal Geographical Society for Explore 2009, 2010, 2011 – www.rgs.org/explore

 – Panelist on the Photography workshop at the Royal Geographical Society, 2010

- Artistic director of the fashion label Olivia Tarpey – www.oliviatarpey.com

- Photography editor for the Durham University newspaper “The Palatinate” 2010

 – Official photographer for Durham University Charities Komittee (DUCK)

 – Pictures shown in Time Out, Amateur Photographer and the Wimbledon Guardian.

- Photographs used on set in a short film featuring Stephen Fry

- Photos used for volunteer manual for Huskies training and trips centre in the Finnish Arctic Circle

- Numerous fashion shoots for The Palatinate and Durham University

- Pictures exhibited at Salt & Chocolate, Chelsea, London. www.saltandchocolate.co.uk

- Images used for Cosmo On Campus – http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/campus/student-life/cosmo-on-campus-city-guides-durham-2

Thanks to Alex Reynier for providing me with the hosting